DWS is one of the products of BizStats.AI fully cloud based SAAS model application. It makes cloud based Data Warehouse Searchable (DWS) without copying / moving the data.

Product Overview:


Directly connect existing cloud data warehouse to BizStats.AI. DWS using the connection interface. Connect multiple data warehouses like bigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift etc. It takes only less than a minute.


In DWS, BizStats.AI detects each column’s data types and identifies measures and attributes from connected data sources. It is possible to customize auto detected columns if required like change Measure, attribute or column name. Create relationships (Joins) between facts and dimensions.


DWS Search analytics approach is much faster, compared with the traditional “drag and drop” approach. Anyone in the organization can analyze big data by asking natural language questions, just like a web search engine.
Bizstats AI will deliver various types of Analysis like Predictive Analysis, Descriptive Analysis, Diagnostic Analysis, & Prescriptive Analysis.

Build board

From the search result, any user can choose specific report contents like tables, graphs, kpis, score cards, etc. Then add it to the new or existing board. This will  monitor many metrics at once, so any one can quickly check the progress of the business task. 


Anyone can share and distribute powerful, interactive dashboards to support executives, business leaders and users instead of waiting for custom reports from data experts.

How to create a new DWS project in BizStats.AI