To create relationships (Joins) between facts and dimensions follow the steps below.

Step 1

In the “Add New Joins” tab choose a fact which is listed in the drop down option.
Select any dimension to join with that fact.

  • In the Model preview, the fact tables are represented as “Orange” colour and dimension tables are represented as “Green” colour for easy identification.

Relationship page


Step 2

To join the chosen fact and dimension, select the respective key field under the “From field” drop down menu for fact table.
Then choose the respective key field under the “To field” drop down menu for dimension table.
Then under the action column click the + icon to save the join. 

  • If the expected key fields is missing under the fact or dimension table, go to configuration page:
    • Select the respective source for a particular field.
    • Then change the field type as “Primary Key or Foreign Key” to list under From field or To field.                  


Step 3

To create joins between further tables do the step 1 and step 2 repeatedly. 
To  verify the relationship between tables  go to “All Joins” tab view all the joins already created. 

  • In the Model preview,  created joins are connected with arrow marks between tables for easy reference.


Step 4

After creation and verification of all joins click the “Save Relationships” button.
In the confirmation popup, click "Save & Continue" to proceed further process or choose the “Add More” button to create more joins.