Why Bizstats.ai ?

Delivers our years of data analytics experience to your business

with bizstats, start experiencing the most advanced  data analytics in simples steps no need of technical skills. 

Knowledge base is like having an expert in-house

An extensive knowledge base translates to sophisticated dashboards which can be modified at as per requirement.With the comprehensive knowledge base in hand, the implementation time is reduced considerably. 

Cloud platform

Easier to blend data from any source, No need to invest in setting up  or maintaining the infrastructure. This platform can be accessed from anywhere over the internet.

Analytics by Natural language Search

Ask questions easily and iteratively for faster discoveries. Get answers to variety of questions like, What happened? When did it happen? Why did this happen? How many? How often?

Save your Productive time

Make faster decisions, Deliver answers through visuals, the best representation of data within seconds.Bizstats converts your data to business opportunity. delivers a complete solution that  takes from multiple data sets to brilliant business analytics.

AI enabled Analytics

 Connect various sources and sit back, while our AI engine works its magic, processes your data with our extensive knowledge base to bring you dynamic, interactive and stellar quality actionable insights about the business. 

Smart Data Discovery

“AI-based” data discovery tools directly leverage machine learning to identify patterns for users, instead of enabling users to find patterns themselves through visual analysis.

Share your research

Share your analysis to increase the longevity and impact of your research, by making it easier for your colleagues to discover and use your analysis.

Connect any data sources in any format

Bizstats native connect structured and unstructured data from various type of sources from  on-premises database, Cloud data source and application API data connector    

Lets get started with free trail

To find out the best product for your need is to try our free trail Start experience with your own data. 

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