Advantages of DWS

How it works

Makes it easier to connect from various data warehouses in a few minutes. Search to get insights faster & ad-hoc discovery of interactive data visualizations. Share important business insights across organization with DWS.

DWS Features

Explore trusted data and answer your own questions faster with full self-service analytics.

Connect cloud data warehouse

Create connections to popular cloud data warehouses GCP Bigquery, AWS Redshift, Snowflakes, Azure synapsys and more.

Select sources & fields

Easy navigation of schemas, datasets, tables to choose data sources. Pick & configure fields from each source.

Relate sources

Define joins between fact & dimension sources.

Self-service analytics

Search, visualize and Auto generated reports of your cloud Data Warehouse with in few minutes.

Secure & Interactive boards

Create interactive data visualizations from multiple data sources and share important business insights across your organization. View, analyse and interact with boards and visualizations in a secure, easy-to-use platform.

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DWS Architecture

Bizstats DWS AI Engine will answer your own questions in few seconds.


DWS pre-sale questions

DWS stands for Data Warehouse Searchable. It means users can connect various cloud data warehouses and make their data searchable for visualization.
It takes only a few minutes to make your data searchable once a cloud connection is established.
Yes, the available cloud database connections are GCP Bigquery, AWS Redshift, Azure Synapsis, & Snowflake. Choose any one of the available cloud database connections for each project.
No, DWS will not copy or transfer any data from your cloud data warehouse.
No, DWS will auto detect your data schema and provide visualizations but need to define joins manually.
Yes, you can get SQL for each and every search result and you can execute the SQL directly with your cloud data warehouse without modifying it.
Yes, data search possible with DWS and Advanced data filters also available.

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