Advantages of D3K

How it works

D3K helps to design your Data Warehouse, Relate your facts and dims, View automated Data Model and create your cloud Data Warehouse instantly using D3K’s user friendly interface.

D3K Features

Explore built-in knowledge bases, subject areas and design your Data Knowledge & deploy it in leading clouds.


D3K pre-sale questions

D3K stands for Design Deploy Data Knowledge, that means design your data knowledge and deploy to leading clouds like Bigquery, AWS Redshift, Snowflake & Azure Synapse etc..
Sure, your cloud credentials will be secured by end-to-end encryption. We can perform tasks only provided permissions by you.
It takes only a few minutes to design and deploy your data knowledge as a cloud data warehouse.
Yes, you can design your data warehouse and we generate dynamic DDL for all prescribed clouds. You can copy DDL and run it in your cloud directly and create a data warehouse.
Yes, you can change your designed data knowledge, give a new schema name and create it as a new data warehouse.
Unlinked dimensions notified by graphical indication in design area. You can click that dim and link to relevant fact. Auto generate metadata, detect your relationships and create relational Data Warehouse.

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