Deliver ready to use dev environment

Make any complex project development environment into quick, easy, shareable development stack. Save developers productive time.

Zero local system dependency.


Zero configuration for developer

Faster setup of any required customized development environment, makes the developer start focusing on what really matters, and not the configurations. Keep the local system clean and conflict-free to develop fast.

Get Started.

Spend more time to focus on developing the product rather than configure. improve deployment quality & reduce deployment time.

Setup the Dev Environment

create one-click error-free development environment with containers, micro-services, open sources or licensed application for any infrastructure.

Dev Environment

Setup the CI

Configure a continuous integration process with an alert system. Every commit of any developer trigger auto builds and run all the tests. Alerts in case of fail.

continuous integration process

Setup the Release management

Automated and secure one click deployment process to QA cloud environment. Automated Production deployment process with double check security.

Setup the Release management

DevOps automation structure

DevOps automation structure



Pre-sale questions

DevOps automation saves developers productive time:
  • Get better operational efficiency.
  • More time to focus on developing the product rather than configure.
  • Improve deployment quality & reduce deployment time.
  • Faster implementation of ideas to innovation.
  • Minimize the time to market.
Automation in the domain of development, testing, deployment, operations that works in a way for saving developer time and money. Resolve the conflicts between operations and IT team by implementing best practices such as Automation, Continuous integration (CI), Infrastructure as code and security.
Reduce the gap between Developers and Operations team for frequent deployments. The automatic deployment as soon as a change is committed by the developers makes possible Near Real Time development or Elastic deployment cycle. Minimize human intervention whenever, wherever possible. Automation throughout the development life cycle, continuous feedback, and process improvement.
Continuous integration is one of software development practices where developers regularly commit the code changes into a central repository, after which automated builds and tests are run.
Data projects like data analytics projects, data mining projects, Big data projects. Web application development projects like django projects, ASP.NET projects, JSP projects, ruby on rails projects. Mobile application development projects like Android application development projects, ios app development projects.
Yes, we set up for on-premises and cloud environment. We do the following scenario of DevOps automation setups:
  • Development in on-premises deployment to a cloud environment,
  • Development & deployment both in on-premises,
  • Development & deployment both in a cloud environment.

Automate your manual deployment process now