Configuration page helps BizStats.AI brain to collect information about the source or table type like dimension or fact. The source field information like search keyword, field type, additive type and date format. Most of the information automatically detected by BizStats. Need to verify and change the configuration manually if required.

Step 1: Choose the source or table

Choose any table or source to configure from the horizontal tabs.

Step 2 : Edit the selected source

Use the “Edit” option to edit source display name, field display name, data type, field type, additive type or data time format and description.

  • If necessary, follow step 3,4 and 5 or move on to step 6.

Step 3: Change the source display name

Change source or table display name.

Step 4: Change the field display name

Change the field display name.

Step 5: Change the data type

By default BizStats automatically detects data type. Based on requirement, changing the data type by using drop down. 

Step 6: Change the field type

BizStats automatically detect field type, to make changes 

  • Field types are Measure, Measure (Dimension), Attribute, Primary Key, Foreign Key and Exclude.
  • From this table, only the Primary Key or Foreign Key fields are available for joins.
  • To exclude any field or columns from the final report, use the “Exclude” option.

Step 7: Change the additive type 

  • If it is a “Measure” choose the Additive type from the drop down. 
  • By default BizStats detect the Additive type.
  • Additive types are Additive, Semi Additive and Non Additive.

Step 8: Change date time format

Step 9: Enter the field description

Give a description, for further reference.

Step 10: Configure all the source

Follow the same step to configure all the listed sources.

Step 11: Go to next process

After configuring all the sources click the "Relate Source" button for further process.