Connection creates a link between database and project, to access the data from the connected database. This page will facilitate connecting various cloud data warehouse databases with BizStats.AI DWS Project. 

While creating a DWS project, the first step is to create a connection. 

Step 1: Choose a database

Option 1 Using Search 
In the “Search Connection” text box, type the relevant database name to find one. 

Option 2 Using category tab
Select a connection category to find the relevant database. 

Connection page


Step 2: Provide database connection details

Every database has its own data connection details, choose the respective database to know more about the connection details by using the following link




DWS currently supports the above cloud database.

Looking for more connection, contact BizStats.AI

Step 3: Go to next Process

After connecting the cloud database click the “Add Sources” button for further process.

Only one connection is possible for each DWS project. BizStats.AI will not allow  more than one connection in a DWS project.