What is AI-enabled analytics

Implementing machine learning process like repeated, similar pattern of work, adjusting the inputs in all possible ways without intervention of human resources. Nowadays machines are trained in a way that they can handle or react like an expert. For example building of self-driving cars, Natural Language Processing. This is possible because of machines to learn from experience, is known as Artificial intelligence (AI). Using these AI, Bizstats are trained to  process large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data. With industry specific knowledge base developed by industry experts.

Get the most from given data. 

Advanced algorithms are now enabling that most possible insights from the given data itself. Automated jobs will be running behind to identify answers in the data; Bizstats just  applies AI to get them out.

AI analyzes more and deeper data 

Using neural networks that have many hidden layers. need lots of data to train deep learning models because they learn directly from the data. The more data you can feed them, the more accurate they become.

AI Saves Productive Time

AI automates repetitive learning and discovery through data.This will perform high-volume, frequent tasks reliably and without fatigue. 

AI capabilities 

  1. Personalized product recommendations 
  2. Possible purchase options for specific consumer. 
  3. Inventory management Automatic reorder process.
  4. Shop layout technologies will also be improved with AI.
  5. Object detection provides immediate player assessments in sports.
  6. Sales forecasting using deep learning improves forecasting accuracy. 
  7. NLP interprets call center conversations. 
  8. Object detection recognizes in health care to find abnormalities.