To verify the mapping between source field and knowledgebase business term.

Mapping Page

Source (Right Side)
Source is a physical table from the connected data source.
Under this Source, selected tables and respective fields are listed here.

Knowledgebase (Left Side)
Knowledgebase is the AI brain of BizStats.
This is a dynamically generated custom knowledgebase, depending on the selected source table, configuration of each table and its relationship.
Under this knowledgebase, dimension tables and fact tables with respective business terms are listed here.

Step 1

This page displays the mapping between source table fields and knowledgebase business terms.
BizStats automatically creates the above mapping.
Verify the mapping and its Relations (Joins) then click “Done”.

  • The above action will index the connected source table’s field and its data to make the cloud data warehouse searchable. So, this action may take a few minutes to complete.