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Bizstats AI E-commerce search uses natural language processing techniques and synonyms that help your users to find products easily and find using alternate names.

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For small business team
$ 0 /User/Month
  • Starts at $0 /Month
  • Storage 1 MB
  • API request
    per month 1K
  • Data refresh Monthly
  • Data connectors 5
For growing business team
$ 50 /User/Month
  • Starts at $250 /Month
  • Storage 1 GB
  • API request
    per month 10K
  • Data refresh Weekly
  • Data connectors Unlimited
For large business team
$ 150 /User/Month
  • Starts at $1500 /Month
  • Storage 10 GB
  • API request
    per month 50K
  • Data refresh Daily
  • Data connectors Unlimited
For very large business team
  • Starts at custom /Month
  • Storage > 10 GB
  • API request
    per month > 50K
  • Data refresh Custom
  • Data connectors Unlimited

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