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Entity Detection

Detect entities like events, venues, genre, categories, places and more in the user search query by using robust machine learning models.

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Our machine learning models predict relevant search queries and empower your customers to find the information fast.

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AI-powered autocomplete predictions helps your customers complete a search they were intending to do.

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Meet Our Product

Recognize spelling mistakes

Bizstats ai event tickets API, auto recognize spelling mistakes, fix them and deliver the relevant events as shown below.

Standard search result

couldn't find any "events near phildalphia" events. applied search result

SUN, APR 22 4:00 PM
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia
WED, MAY 16 9:00 AM Federal Building, Philadelphia #Business #Seminar
SAT, MAR 24 10:00 AM & 2 MORE
Counter Culture Coffee
Training Center, Philadelphia
#FoodDrink #Class
TUE, DEC 4 9:00 AM
Federal Building, Philadelphia
#Business #Seminar

Date & time Detection

Bizstats ai event tickets API detects that President's Day in United States, is always celebrated on the third Monday of February, to deliver appropriate result within the date range.

Standard search result

We Rock the Spectrum - San Jose, San Jose
WED, FEB 28 6:00 PM
The Milias Restaurant, Gilroy
WED, FEB 28 6:00 PM applied search result

MON, FEB 19 7:00 PM
Bourne Family Reunion
Hyatt Regency, Houston Galleria, Houston
#FamilyEducation #Party
MON, FEB 19 9:00 AM
Italian Cultural & Community Center, Houston
#Family #Community
MON, FEB 19 9:30 AM
Feb-March Half Term
The Galleria, Houston

Identify events with relevant ideas

Bizstats ai event tickets API Identify relevant ideas. For example, basketball is most relevant to NBA tournaments.

Standard search result

Basketball Clinic
Salvation Army Kroc Center applied search result

$10 - $150
SUN, FEB 25 12:00 PM
Health Professions, Mount Pleasant
$10 - $100
SAT, JUN 9 12:00 PM
Urban League of Greater Madison, Madison
$4,700 - $5,500
FRI, JUL 27 3:00 PM
NBA Fantasy Camp Boston, Boston

Understands slang

Bizstats ai event tickets API understands slang. For example, “pro gamer” means professional video gamer.

Standard search result

RiverLife Church, Bradenton
SUN, MAR 16 8:30 AM
Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens
SAT, FEB 24 9:00 AM applied search result

Video Game Design Camp!
485 Queen St W, Toronto
MON, MAR 12 8:00 AM
Binky's Vapes, Lanham
SAT, MAY 5 5:00 PM
$ 50 MORE
SAT, FEB 10 12:00 PM
St. Francis College, Brooklyn

Recognize event abbreviations

Bizstats ai event tickets API automatically detects acronyms, such as “DBZ” that means “Dragon Ball Z”. See example below.

Standard search result

Mint, Garden City
SAT, JUN 23 12:00 PM applied search result

SAT, MAR 3 7:00 PM
SAT, MAR 10 10:00 AM
Paintball Barn, Attica
SUN, FEB 25 6:00 PM
5000 Cleveland Street, Virginia Beach

Identify near by places

Bizstats ai event tickets API Identify location and its near by places to suggest more events. See example below.

Standard search result

Downtown Carrollton, Carrollton
SAT, APR 14 6:00 PM
Ashokan Center, Olivebridge
SAT, AUG 11 6:00 PM applied search result

SAT, DEC 1 9:30 AM
Broadway Comedy Club, Times Square, New York
SAT, MAR 3 8:30 PM & 9 MORE
Dardo Galletto Studios, New York
FRI, JUN 23 9:00 AM
Times Square, New York

How it works?

How to train a customized model for your data?

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For small business team
$ 0 /User/Month
  • Starts at $0 /Month
  • Storage 1 MB
  • API request
    per month 1K
  • Data refresh Monthly
  • Data connectors 5
For growing business team
$ 50 /User/Month
  • Starts at $250 /Month
  • Storage 1 GB
  • API request
    per month 10K
  • Data refresh Weekly
  • Data connectors Unlimited
For large business team
$ 150 /User/Month
  • Starts at $1500 /Month
  • Storage 10 GB
  • API request
    per month 50K
  • Data refresh Daily
  • Data connectors Unlimited
For very large business team
  • Starts at custom /Month
  • Storage > 10 GB
  • API request
    per month > 50K
  • Data refresh Custom
  • Data connectors Unlimited


Pre-sale questions

Event Tickets API is focused on services to improve search for Event Ticket websites: Our customers typically use these online services to
  • Improve their search results relevance
  • Add auto-complete features to their search box
  • Provide related search queries to users
Many of our customers are online services that integrate our API into their own offering, adding better search experience to their users.
Yes absolutely, more search history data will improve the accuracy of the model. Our knowledge base based approach simplifies this process.
  1. Map your search history dataset to our knowledge base
  2. Verify the annotations when prompted
  3. When training model is done, activate and start using the model
  • JSON
  • HTTPS secured
  • 3 endpoints: entity detection, suggestions, auto-complete
  • Scalable to suit your business needs
  • Fast response time to meet your SLA
  • Your data is secured and not shared to any one.
  • Easy integration into your web app , phone app etc.
Our pre-trained models provide 80% + accuracy to start with and keeps learning using the latest search and historical search data, thereby improving the accuracy as users start using it.
Yes. Check out our developer plan here.
Customers with a paid plan have 24/7 dedicated support.
If you are a free customer you can also log in a case or contact us. in this case, it may take us a little longer to reply.
Yes. We maintain a priority list of new features. Check out our articles on our blog to find out more about recently launched features.
Yes, it is a custom request contact us to set it up for you.
Yes, it is a custom request contact us to set it up for you.

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