What is D3K? 

Design Deploy Data-Knowledge (D3K) is one of the SaaS products of BizStats.AI. Using D3K, you can simply design your Data-Knowledge and deploy it directly to any of the leading clouds (like Google BigQuery, AWS Redshift, Snowflake etc). D3K empowers data analysts, data architects, data engineers, data scientists and business users, to quickly design and deploy their Data-Knowledge with a user-friendly interface in minutes, without having to write any code.

Now, let us see how to create a D3K project to design your Data-knowledge and then deploy it to a Cloud Analytical database or Data warehouse. 

Pre requirement : User needs to login into BizStats.AI Application (How to login)


How to create a D3K project in BizStats.AI application

Create Data Knowledge

Design your Data Knowledge

View DDL


Deploy to Cloud

Project Details

Verify Deployment