Create Data Knowledge

D3K helps you design your Data Knowledge, relate your facts and dimensions, view automated Data Model and deploy it in leading clouds instantly with a user-friendly interface.

Pre requirement : User needs to login into BizStats.AI Application (How to login)


Step 1

To create a new D3K project in BizStats.AI, click the plus icon on the bottom right corner of the Projects page. 

Step 2

In the Create page, choose your Organization from the drop down menu.

Step 3

Select the product as Design Data Knowledge and Create Data warehouse (D3K) and click Next.

Step 4

Fill in the Project details, provide a name and description for your D3K project and click Next.

Step 5

Choose the relevant Industry from the drop down list.

If you can’t find the relevant Industry, create your own by clicking the plus icon on the search bar. Provide a new name and description, click Save.

Step 6

Type a new name and description for your Data Knowledge, click Create DK.

Step 7

You’ll be directed to the Design page. You can view the information of the created DK by clicking on the View DK Info option.

Step 8

You can verify the DK’s name and selected industry. To proceed with the design, click Design DK.

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