Event Tickets API

It is probably the dream of every internet user that a search engine could read their mind and come up with “THE” exact thing that they were looking for. This dream which sounded far- fetched years ago is fast edging towards reality.

Click and Collect: Plugging the Technological gaps - part 2

Click and collect increases offline sales by driving the customer to the store. Having visited the store in person, the customer might be prompted to buy more. Even if the customer does not go through with the purchase online, they tend to visit the store on knowing the stock availability, as some prefer to examine the stock physically before the purchase.

Click and Collect: Plugging the Technological gaps - part 1

With the advent and success of e-commerce, retailers need to strategize better using various dynamic performance metrics to ensure that they stay afloat and mint a good profit. It is vital to stay up to date with competition and introduce various shopping schemes which would attract the customer.