Event Tickets API

It is probably the dream of every internet user that a search engine could read their mind and come up with “THE” exact thing that they were looking for. This dream which sounded far- fetched years ago is fast edging towards reality.The usage of various Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and algorithms is almost making that dream almost a reality but that goal is way far from being achieved. A vital part of AI - Machine Learning - is pegged to be the biggest front-runner of the next industrial revolution in the making. The Event Search Application Program Interface (API) powered by the Bizstats.ai engine leverages the capability of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in making search smarter.

Millennials these days drive the world of technology with their smart thinking and relentless quest for leading a better life. The market today is flooded with various services which has improved the quality of living. Consider a simple search engine which would only skim the layer instead of adapting itself to the usage pattern - it is akin to a simple twine thread which was eventually replaced by more flexible rubber-band. The Event search API backed by the Bizstats.ai engine is that flexible tool which seems to be the need of the hour. Imagine a search engine which could actually show up all the hot happenings/events exactly in the location or according to the criteria just in the way it is needed. Finding the next most entertaining and relaxing activity to do has never been easier. The Event Search API ensures that a website employing it would be the one place a user would probably want to bookmark and keep returning to.

PastedGraphic-1 Fig 1. Digital growth. Source: Dirk Helbing, Scientific American

With the advent of big data and various techniques used to process such voluminous data, search algorithms can take advantage of such large quantity background information to process better results. It has been estimated by the Scientific American society that the concept of top-down approach will be replaced completely by collective approach, thanks to machine learning and other AI techniques immaterial of the volume of the data. The graph from Fig 1 illustrates the concept.

how_it_worksFig 2 : Event Search API - Schematic

The Bizstats Event Search API would ensure that you don’t need to play catch up when the world is busy chasing AI techniques. When the user enters the search query, for example, when a user enters this phrase - ‘iteary event philly’, a typical search engine might not correct the obvious error in the first word and perform a search. This would result in very few or almost no results as native search engines employ simple indexing techniques. Such native search engines might not be designed to be as instinctual as powerful search engines built with AI. This is where the Bizstats Event search API stands out. Fig 2 shows the schematic of the Bizstats API. The API backed by a strong bizstats.ai engine, uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to ensure that each word is recognized as intended immaterial of spelling errors. In addition, Machine Learning techniques like Named Entity Recognition (NER) employed, further helps in producing accurate results as this API is custom-built exclusively for event search applications. The cherry on top of the cake is that, historical data from the website can also be used to train the model though it has already been trained globally solely for event search applications. Added to all this, the API is cloud based which has its own set of established advantages.

With the search engine giant Google, adapting deep learning techniques and utilizing complex algorithms like RankBrain, the average user will be adapted to getting faster and sensible search results. AI has already revolutionized one part of the internet without people not realizing that it has been done. In such a scenario, a simple indexing technique would only result in users navigating away ‘in search’ of better options. One solution fits all approach will work in such a scenario. Thus, it is imperative to use a solution tailor-made for event search application using the latest of the technology available.

It has been established that AI will become a disruptive force to beckon. It is set to revolutionize digital technology immaterial of the domain. At the end of the day, a positive user experience is what matters the most. Artificial Intelligence seems to be the front runner in delivering what is wanted exactly at the time it is wanted! The Bizstats Event Search API can help do just that!