Measuring customer profitability (Part 2)

It is now established that customer profitability (CP) enables us to understand high yielding customers from a pool of consumers. However, to measure customer profitability, there are several ways to quantify the same.

Channel profitability

The rise of newer technology has made the sale of goods available across a plethora of modes. Sellers are not restricted by traditional selling platforms to make sales; online selling has grown tremendously over the last few years.

One class SVM

One-Class SVM is used for unsupervised outlier and novelty detection.  Normal data points to build the model so the algorithm can set a correct boundary for the given samples. Nu, Gamma, and Kernel are parameters for the model these impact the result significantly.

Brand Reputation (Part 1)

What is Brand Reputation? Brand reputation is the knowledge, or feedback others have about the brand. The brand can be both individual or company. A startup has little or no brand recognition as they are new-born without much public knowledge, while an MNC with global operations has a more prominent brand reputation.

Customer journey insights

The customer journey is a critical component of any company. It is the ultimate verdict on how well the company has been performing over the years among its customers. Customer journey could be defined as the lifetime of the customer with the brand.