Product Explainer - Event Tickets API

Search made smarter

In search for something which will make your search engine intuitive? The Event Tickets API by Bizstats is perfect solution to ensure that the users find what they wanted. Built using all new engine, tailor made purely for events search, the API in tandem with your website will ensure fitting search results. Fret not about spell errors or low volume keywords, the Event Tickets API is powered by a model trained globally, almost extensively and exclusively for events search. This is the technology which would fetch the information you need, when you need it!

Brain behind the API

The API is backed by engine which is cloud based and employs Machine learning and Natural language processing. The database is queried using Named Entity Recognition (NER) technique which ensures that the user is presented with relevant search results immaterial of the errors in the search phrase. This engine is one of its kind, positioned uniquely for event search. The one solution fits all concept is not valid anymore in this fast and competitive world. Thus, arises the need for an exclusive one of a kind solution - catering only to event search websites.

Mechanics of the API

When the user enters a search keyword, the API processes it using Natural Language Processing, checking it against known matches in the database available. This is where the engine comes into play. The search algorithm, suited exclusively for event search, is based on Machine Learning and Event Data modelling. The model can also be trained base on past search data from the website. Making good use of search history to come up with sensible search results that has never been easier. Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the world. Our API would help you clinch the top spot in innovation while the rest of the world is still playing catch-up. See complete Bizstats event tickets API below. how_it_works Complete Bizstats event tickets API

Making Business Sustainable

Customer satisfaction is ultimately the major factor which will help sustain the business. Providing intuitive and sensible search results, would ensure that the customer doesn’t leave the page due to expected results. This would eventually increase visibility by driving more traffic and retaining users. Furthermore, it would also lead to better conversion rate and increased revenue.Trust the Event Ticket API to ensure that the user bookmarks your website and hit it up when they wish to enjoy life!