The Organization in BizStats AI application is to collaborate and manage multiple projects, users and billing accounts. With a organization, you can:

  • Add members to the organization.
  • Set specific permissions for different roles.
  • Create projects to organize organizations work.
  • Manage your organization's costs with a single billing accounts.


Types of Organization

Select the type while creating a Organization. 

Organization Type Description
Public Organization Anyone can see and join this organization
Closed Organization Anyone can see this organization. but, request the organization owner to join this organization. 
Private Organization Only members can see this organization. Join only by invitation
One private organizationis created by default, in the name of the user.

Types of user role

User role Description
Owner Anyone creates the organization becomes the owner.
Manager Add/invite any user role as manager
Member Add/invite any user role as a member

Access control of each role 

  Owner Manager Member
Edit Organization
Invite/add the organization member
Remove organization member
Change member role
Create Project
Edit Project
View Project
Project Analytics/API
Search/Access API
Create Board
Share Board
Only one owner for each organization.

Create a Organization 

Any user can create a new organization and will automatically become a organization member with the owner role. A user can have multiple organization. Create a organization by giving name, type, and description(optional) to create Analytics AI Project and Event tickets API projects.

  1. Go to the organization list page.
  2. Use the "+" icon in the bottom right corner, give required details and create
Projects under the public organizations are visible to any user of Bizstats.AI

Add members to your Organization

Once a organization created, the user can start adding other users as members.

  1. Select a organization to view the list of members.
  2. Click Add or invite user option.
  3. Enter the email address in the field provided and select User role.  
    1. Invite a non-user will send an invitation to that person to create a Bizstats account and join the organization.
  4. Repeat these steps for each user you want to add. 
Creator of the organization is the first member with user role owner

Share projects with your Organization

  1. Create a project under this organization.
  2. Add members under this organization.
    1. Projects under this organization have access to all the member of the organization.
    2. The user role defines the access controls  
A Organization can have multiple projects