Google storage (GCS)

Transfer your data from Google cloud storage (GCS) to bizstats AI analytical platform and start doing the search based analytics. 

Steps to create GCS connection 

Step 1: Select GCS data source

  1. Go to Project details page
  2. From the subsection "Connection"
  3. Click add 
  4. You will be landed in the select source page ( selected Filter category : All )
  5. Change the filter category to Google cloud
  6. Select Google cloud storage source from the list 

Step 2:  Give your credential details

Pop-up appears with Create new connection form

  1. Connection name
    1. Fill the connection name 
      1. This field is for your future reference so give any meaningful name.
  2. Credentials details
    1. Fill the following details
      1. ProjectId
        Google cloud project id, in which the source data present (Refer How to identify google cloud  project id?)
      2. Grant Permission
        Add "storage admin" role to the following email
  3. Test connection
    1. After giving your credential information click test connection button
      1. This will verify your connection and show the success message
        1. In case of any issues test connection fails. 
          Please verify your project id and permission details 
  4. Save connection
    1. On success of test connection, save the connection

Step 3:  Explore your source tables or files 

  1. Now newly created connection listed in the project details page.
  2. Click the explore icon. 
  3. Pop-up will show the list of files from the selected bucket.
  4. Choose one or more files(s)
    1. Currently bizstats AI supports only .csv file format
  5. Click "Connect Data" will redirect to mapping page 
    1. find the list of connected sources, under "Your Project" (Left side)