Click and Collect

As technology takes over shopping experience, several new methods of purchasing have come into play. E-commerce portals and online stores have taken it as a challenge to create multiple delivery channels that cater to the needs of the customers. Of the several channels available including home delivery, instances, where customers prefer to visit the store to pick up the item, is equally on the rise. Given the situation, click and collect method of delivery has become famous. The ability for customers to place an order online and pick it up at the store is an alternative to those who cannot make themselves available for home delivery. For instance, when Apple launches a new product, customers place the order online and pick it up from the store without having to wait in line to place an order. click-and-collect Understanding the importance of click and collect, new vendors including Amazon with Amazon lockers have established a pickup location for this segment of customers. According to a report from IMRG, global shares of the order has increased by 155% between 2011 and 2015. The increasing potential for click and collect delivery option has led to the birth of third-party location pick-ups including Doodle stores, local post office delivery methods. While brands are focusing on increasing sales online, this new delivery option has the potential to click offline sales. The win-win situation has led marketers to invest in online channels of marketing to elevate online image which in-turn helps in promoting offline channels of sales. Some of the essential reasons why click and collect benefits the brand selling more than one product includes

  1. Assured sale
  2. Ability to cross-sell increases
  3. Raise in the in-store footfall
  4. Increase brand credibility

In-store challenges

Simply put, the click and collect delivery option is the brainchild of omni-channel management where customers can connect with the brand online and offline seamlessly. While in theory, omnichannel is easy to establish, the ability to conduct a successful integrated CRM system requires unhindered system functionality and uniformity. Often, the customer experience in click and collect method of delivery is hindered as brands have not matured to handle such multi-platform integration. The lack of uniformity in these platforms has led to the disruption of brand’s reputation. Some of the critical areas where stores find the challenge to arise in this method include

  1. Inventory management
  2. Order tracking system
  3. Improper employee training In-store-challenges

Overcome challenges

For brands to overcome the challenges faced during the online-offline work transition, it is critical to address some of the foremost lists of items that directly affect the brand’s reputation and experience. Primarily, to have a successful click and collect delivery option, it is quintessential for brands to invest in a right software partner. Ideally, this partner is the backbone of the system and should understand the crux of the supply chain network thus setting this delivery option in motion. As part of the validation, certain aspects must be supervised to realize if the supplier and the brand are on the same page. These four elements are the pillars of this execution. Any mishap in them can cost the company’s reputation and have an adverse effect on the brand value.

  1. Order warehouse
  2. Customer orders database
  3. In-store collection experience
  4. Proper order disposal system